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About Us.

Bukufi is a streaming service for digital ebooks, comic books and audio books that focuses on regional language Content. Publishers can choose which content is free and which is premium, while readers just enjoy the largest selection of regional content.

Our Process.

Local Authors in regional languages such as Malay, Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, and many more; do not have a reliable eBook platform to publish their content on. We gather and publish these wonderful books through Bukufi. Proceeds from Advertising & Subscription are shared with the Authors. 70% of all we earn is given stright back to the Authors.

Our Approach.

We start by signing on as many Authors and Publishers around the world as we can. Our aim being to curate the largest non-english eBook Library in world, and share this treasure trove of content to the readers of each regional language.

Our Vision.

Bukufi sets out to be the world's largest source of your regional books, comics and audio-books. With the majority of eBook services focusing only for the English Language, we want both the Readers and Authors of regional languages to enjoy the same ease and portability that English Books enjoy.

Our Objective.

To be the leading content distribution platform for eBooks, Comics and Audio-Books. As well as helping to grow the Books industry as whole by generating additional revenue to the Authors & Publishers.


23, RK 4/1 Rasah Kemayan Golf & Country,
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan,

Phone Numbers.

Phone: (+60) 19 7622 573



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